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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

Sheltering and Camp

Summer camp in the world of coronavirus - what a time to be alive and have children.

Spec-Magical Day, Part X

This episode covers segments pre- and post-COVID, including a three-part tour of Mr. Pickle's factory, Terry sending Chet the Intern to DisneyWorld to spy on Disney+'s alleged new ripoff of his show, and Terry begins doing Zoom episodes.

Spec-Magical Day, Part VIII

We return for more Spec-Magical adventures, and don't we all need one right now.

Barry the Butcher sings opera, a girl gets to be a comedian, Chet's popularity threatens Terry, Chet gets an intern, a boy learns to golf, and we end with a crazy Spec-Magical flashback.

Spec-Magical Day, Part VII

In these installments of Spec-Magical Day, a little girl gets to ref the Super Bowl (and makes a call that gets reversed, to her chagrin). Another boy learns how to gamble, and kids learn to ski and toboggan. 

Florida Vacation, Part 4

Back to my December Florida vacation. After a 100-mile trek and long day, it's time to spend time with family, fight messy weather, and now keep THREE kids active.

Kid Talk

My kids have been generally well-behaved for a while, so it's time to talk about them.

Fall Ball Fail

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My younger son is playing less-competitive "fall ball" this September and October. I'm not coaching, just assisting from the sidelines when needed. And I made a lapse in judgment this past weekend that's been weighing on my mind.

Summer Vacation, Part 1

I finally got around to talking about my summer vacation. Well, at least the first to days of it.

As well as an annoying call with someone who wanted to donate books in the most inconvenient manner possible.

It’s My Birthday (Reprise)

On vacation this week, so here's the podcast from April 2017:

It was my birthday this past week. Thanks for asking. I spent the day with my sons, and reflected on how I chose the activities we embarked upon.

Health Notes

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Health updates about myself and my sons.

What else could you want in the middle of summer?

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