MrJeff2000 Explains It All It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

Due to a personal matter, this week's episode is a reprise.

Several news stories this past week had a common theme. They were trying to sell some sort of fear to the public. This is not new, nor is it really news. But it is the prevailing theory on how to do business in the age of instant gratification, social media, and immediacy over accuracy and privacy.

Bullet-resistant police cars!

Declining crime rates!

"Don't snitch" culture!

More grief from the MTA!

It's all about living in NYC and its five boroughs.

Cruz is out.

Kasich is out.
Trump has the nomination locked up.
A bunch of thoughts, and some information about his attempt to purchase the Empire State Building.

In 1981, I was scammed out of $40 by a small-time con artist who told me he had "great seats" to an upcoming Elton John concert at Madison Square Garden.

A recent article in a local New York newspaper about popular scams reminded me of the incident, which I have not discussed in public in years.

As a public service, I go into the details of the dopey encounter and how I could have prevented it from happening. Plus a recounting of some of the other grifts the author discusses in the article.

One of my tweets hit 45,000 impressions this week. Yet I was unimpressed by the number of followers I picked up – 1.

I also talk about a super-skyscraper that builders want to erect in Brooklyn. Oh, if part of a cultural landmark can be bulldozed.

Finally, Times Square wants to reign in the massive number of costumed characters and other vagrants who beg and demand money from tourists and workers alike. This led to some thoughts on the beginning of recycling and what city government can and should do to control the problem.

Uber drivers threatened to go on strike or even unionize in the wake of the company reducing fees last month. The delicious irony is that the very cab drivers who felt threatened by the creation of Uber helped its drivers set up the striking event.

In the meantime, New York City warned subway riders that they might be woken up if they fell asleep. Which caused an immediate backlash.

Will there be a Brooklyn/Queens streetcar line? Who knows. It was a "back to the future" proposal that had supporters and detractors.

And the MTA is phasing in a bunch of buses with USB ports and wi-fi. As if looking at small screen on a lurching, moving vehicle is a fun way to spend any extended period of time, especially if you start to feel sick.

We've been dealing with another stomach virus around the house.

It was the worst intestinal issue I've dealt with since before my initial diagnosis of lactose intolerance. And of course, I was ignorant to what that meant and did not get a diagnosis until I was at the point of desperation. Which was how I was beginning to feel earlier this week.

McDonalds started its annual Monopoly promotion this week and bonus! It's running for a full month this time.

Remember the drinking glasses you used to win, and later buy? Remember all the movie toy tie-ins and how they died a horrible demise? Remember seeing failed toys at Burger King years after the flop film they were originally associated with? I do.
Hey, it's my fourth anniversary of podcasting! Thanks so much!

Yes the calendar and the weather seem to be in lockstep for the first time in months.

After below-freezing temps and snow on the first day of spring, it was finally above 70 degrees for the first time in 2016.
Before we say farewell to winter, a look back at how the MTA and the LIRR misread the Blizzard of January 2016. And how things don't look to improve if there is another storm in the next few winters.

The MTA is looking for billions of dollars for capital improvements.

Mostly these programs would impact New York City, so of course the politicians from upstate are jousting for their share as well.
A recent flurry of articles called about other possibilities and issues that could affect transportation in the next decade.

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