MrJeff2000 Explains It All It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

Our culture is predominantly youth-oriented.

Yet there are many societies that revere the elderly.
Is this something that could be done in our culture?
Also - thanks everybody. This episode marks my third anniversary as a podcaster!
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Some stories from the newspapers caught my eye, including one about a man named Ferrari and what the cops did with his Ferrari.

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Leonard Nimoy passed away last week.

That set off a flood of memories of how I first started reading, then watching science fiction.
And how that passion has sort of waned but may need to be revived if I'm going to expand my kids' horizons and introduce them to the "final" Star Wars trilogy later this year.
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Alex Rodriguez is the big spring training story in baseball.

I was never a fan but wasn't a hater until the steroid stuff became insurmountable to ignore.
But any purists who declare "the good old days were better" should beware of this week's commentary.
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We lost another toaster oven this week.

Some people go through pets with regularity; we go through toaster ovens.
Unlike pets (which most people remember all of theirs), we seldom stop to remember our toaster ovens. This week, I harken back to a few.
And some random news headlines as well.
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What's in the news?

The Academy Awards are considered "one of the whitest batch of nominees ever."
Plus the bombing of Charlie Hebdo.
Finally, some thoughts on the new GOP-controlled House and Senate, and how the president is reacting to it.
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I'm under the weather this week.

Fortunately, or unluckily, it's the first time all year that I feel this way.
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It was supposed to be the first super storm of the 21st century.

Instead, for many people in the metropolitan area, it was a dud.
If you live in Boston or the reaches of Long Island, you might disagree.
But I've lived through several big storms, and I was relieved to NOT have to go through another one.
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You can do a good job or a bad job.

But oftentimes, whatever kind of job YOU do is valued in comparison to someone else's efforts.
Here are two examples – one involving me and one involving NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio.
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The school nurse called with an update.

And that means I have an update.
As well as some thoughts about "state ID cards" and immigration.
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