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The for-hire livery app service Uber made the headlines for its ongoing feud with the New York City Council and Mayor Bill deBlasio. Where will it wind up? Who knows. But this story is just another example of new technologies displacing old ones, much like hanson cabs and trollies were made antiquated by livery cabs and limo services.

New York City, meanwhile, was named the safest large city in the United States, based on its low murder rate. Imagine that in 2015, while everyone is busy pilloring the Mayor.
Finally, our old friend Donald Trump continues to put his foot in his mouth. Will he still be taken seriously (at least by the media) by the time this episode goes live? Let's hope not.
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Donald Trump continues to hijack the headlines as a frontrunner in the 2016 GOP race for the presidential nomination. Despicable as I find him, of course it's an opportunity to discuss the paucity of legitimate candidates.

The GOP found a way to turn a shocking shooting in a South Carolina church into a debate on the Confederate Flag. A well-played media coup that sadly de-emphasized the lives of nine individuals who were assassinated by a lunatic.
In other news shorts, the Mob squeezed money out of the revitalization of Times Square in the 1980s. Well, of course they did.
And the NY Police Commissioner is still at odds with NY Mayor, who is feuding with the NY Governor, etc.
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I had my second colonoscopy this past week.

Fun! Fun! Fun!
Some (non-squeamish) informative medical info, as well as a recap of the psychological and emotional fallout of such a procedure.
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In the 1980s when I lived on Long Island, five regional cable companies salivated over the prospect of carving up our area. Within five years, the "winner" was bought out by a larger vendor that had lost the initial sale. Now, we are witnessing the shrinking conglomerative landscape with Charter (#3) seeking to buy Time Warner (#2).

I also talk a little about e-bikes. Come on, you know what they are. Like e-cigs except for commuting and deliveries.
Then it's on to NSA reform and how it brought together House Democrats and Republicans. And finally how the 2016 GOP race looks like somebody let a bunch of baby chicks out of the henhouse.
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When I was younger, I worked at a newspaper chain in Queens but did not consider myself invested in the borough.

As I got older and moved into Queens, I became more invested in the area; its politics and issues; and where the borough stood in stature in the city's and the state's pecking order.
Now Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio are sniping one day, seeing themselves as national figures in the future. And the next day, they are finding common ground.
We watch politicians maneuver on pragmatic issues but also see how they must dance around hard statistics such as increases in homicides and shootings.
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A white woman was in the news this week (not shockingly) for posing as a black woman for years (shockingly).

A 65-year-old German woman was in the news for having quadruplets. 
A group of aging nuns are finding a home in a Jewish-run healthcare facility for the aged.
And in non-eldercare news, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has dropped in the polls. Not shockingly.
And the Belmont Stakes went off fairly well, as far as transportation went. Shockingly.
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I visited my first race track, Saratoga Springs, before I was a teenager. I also made my first bet (through my father) and scored my first win.

Decades later, a look back at track experiences as American Pharaoh completed the first Triple Crown since 1978.
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The Islanders are moving from Long Island to Brooklyn.

Sepp Blatter, the head of FIFA, resigned.
Two very big stories. A sports-oriented episode.
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There was a lot of MTA news in the papers this week... none of it good.

The President also started his own Twitter account.
Somehow, everything merges into one podcast.
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Oh that NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio continues to make headlines, mostly in the wrong way. But is it really his fault? Or just because New York City is just the hub of so many things?

Also in NY, the constriction of the media continues to be perturbing. And took an ironic spin in the past few weeks.
And the PATH train station opened under the World Trade Center, over budget and behind the tune of $3.9 billion (that's with a B).
No wonder I can take the time to just stay local.
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