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We lost another toaster oven this week.

Some people go through pets with regularity; we go through toaster ovens.
Unlike pets (which most people remember all of theirs), we seldom stop to remember our toaster ovens. This week, I harken back to a few.
And some random news headlines as well.
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What's in the news?

The Academy Awards are considered "one of the whitest batch of nominees ever."
Plus the bombing of Charlie Hebdo.
Finally, some thoughts on the new GOP-controlled House and Senate, and how the president is reacting to it.
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I'm under the weather this week.

Fortunately, or unluckily, it's the first time all year that I feel this way.
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It was supposed to be the first super storm of the 21st century.

Instead, for many people in the metropolitan area, it was a dud.
If you live in Boston or the reaches of Long Island, you might disagree.
But I've lived through several big storms, and I was relieved to NOT have to go through another one.
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You can do a good job or a bad job.

But oftentimes, whatever kind of job YOU do is valued in comparison to someone else's efforts.
Here are two examples – one involving me and one involving NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio.
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The school nurse called with an update.

And that means I have an update.
As well as some thoughts about "state ID cards" and immigration.
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We got a call from the school nurse this week.

Turns out the snack bar I sent in with my son doesn't have nuts... but it's produced in a facility that HANDLES nuts.
When you're talking about "special needs" and food allergies, when is enough enough? When have you gone too far in putting the needs of a very small minority over those of an entire school population?
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Some comments on Dan Harmon's HARMONTOWN podcast caused me to remember an incident from Queens College in 1983 or 1984.

Radio legend Jean Shepherd spoke at my school and I was there to witness it.
Howard Stern, Colt Cabana, and Lena Dunham also factor in somehow.
Do I make it all work? Check it out.
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From episode 76:

My neighbor from two doors down did a pretty obnoxious thing last week.

Now, I didn't see him do it. But it reeks of his past behavior.

(Epilogue: I did ask my next-door neighbors when they got home, and they
confirmed it involved something that THEY did not approve).

Herein, tales of my neighborhood.
Happy New Year!
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As the year winds to a close, here are some news stories that are not necessarily that topical anymore. As I clear the deck for 2015!

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