MrJeff2000 Explains It All It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

We've been passing a cold through the house.

Now everyone is on the mend.
I did not get really, really sick. Thankfully.
When have I been really, really sick? A few occasion.
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My wife was complaining about her injured foot this week, making her sound older than me (for once).

Over the years, there have been key occasions when I thought "I'm too old for this (now)."
Here is a short list of some of those milestones.
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My neighbor hired a home improvement company to replace his front door.

All well and good, until they blocked my driveway with their van. And by blocked, I mean they parked ACROSS the spot and gave me NO access to leave.
It's nice to have good neighbors. It's nice to be a good neighbor. It's a pain when someone your neighbor hires takes a shortcut that's illegal and inconvenient for others.
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The media went nuts over the disappearance of the Malaysian Jet aircraft.

As it should have, albeit with some moderation based on the lack of any facts for two weeks.
I had some thoughts about the theories behind the disappearance, and how they tie into my feelings about 9/11.
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This is the year of my older son's bar mitzvah, a rite of passage for a 13 year old Jewish child.

It brought back memories of my bar mitzvah and how things have changed over the decades.
It's more commercial, yet it's more traditional. It's more expansive, yet it's more expensive.
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Working around Penn Station in Manhattan, I get to see a number of characters. These are not necessarily the homeless and indigent, but tourists and residents and their nuttiness.

This week, a discussion of some of these denizens.
Plus a brief discussion of a new tactic to deal with charity phone callers who use new, clever wording to disguise their intentions.
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Last week I went to my first hockey game in more than 15 years.

I've gone to four professional hockey games in my lifetime and they all have something in common.
This week, I discuss what that is.
Also, a follow-up addendum to last week's podcast about letting go of anger.
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I received a backhanded compliment the other day and it brought me back to another one I got in high school.

That mentally took me back to college, where I remembered two people who did me wrong.

Two people who decades later "reached out" through Facebook.

Two people who I immediately "ignored."

The only two people I ever instantly dismissed when I saw their names on Facebook.

When is the right time to let go of anger? Twenty years? Thirty? Some thoughts on the matter.

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Welcome to podcast #100!

Can't believe I even got here.

Join me for another look back in time, through history, the year 1974. And what was important to a kid of that era.

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The third major snow storm of the winter is expected tomorrow. Or is it the fourth big storm?

I've lost count. And when you've lost count, the terrorist that is Nature, has won.
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