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Somewhere between Iowa and New Hampshire, the 2016 Presidential race lost three candidates (this week, so far).

You wonder what keeps a candidate in a race when he (or she) is polling at less than three percent. You wonder who they're listening to and who is financing them to stay in.
You also wonder whether or not Hurricane Donald will ever be brought under control, or if he'll spiral out to sea on his own accord.

The Super Bowl is a week away.

The Giants hired a new head coach, from their own staff.
I get away from politics and transportation this week to talk a little football.
Because that's all I know about football - a little.

New York City Major Bill deBlasio is experiencing a slight increase in popularity - to 50%.

He capitalized by getting an early start on his re-election campaign – in November 2017.
Some key indicators and statistics show that crime and lifestyle issues in the city are tilting his way. And there are no strong opponents in sight.
Is this a good thing?

The minimum wage in New York State is going up to $15 per hour....eventually.

When I started in 1980, the "shopkeeper minimum" was a princely $2.70 per hour.
I share some stories of minimum wage, college, bachelorhood, and living in a basement apartment.

There was a lot of news in the papers this morning.

In fact, so much that I was able to get a whole podcast out of the first 5-6 pages.
Topics include a proposed third rail for the LIRR, casino gambling at Belmont Park, and a proposed tunnel from Suffolk County in Long Island to Connecticut, Westchester County, or the Bronx. See, they have to spend money on a feasibility study and oh, you know how that goes...

Wouldn't you like to get to work in less time every day, and have it cost less money?

Wouldn't you like to have politicians who worked together on infrastructure projects that cost billions of dollars, and who were able to speak at the same press conference at the same event, about those projects?
Wouldn't you like to get from point A to point B using Uber or a medallion NYC cab and not have to worry about antiquated technology to pay your fare?
It's my transportation catch-up episode this week.

I'm on vacation this week! No really, I'm in Florida.

In the meantime, here's a reprise from 2014:
Two stories this week - one about a coincidental run-in that lasted 10 seconds. The other about a fateful encounter that was no more than one minute, thankfully.

Flushable wipes are in the news, and not in a good way.

Another commodity that some people feel is disposable, homeless people, have also caused some political feather-ruffling in New York City. Two of the Mayor's staff have hit the bricks rather than take the fall if his career goes in the tank due to elevated homeless numbers.
There are also significant problems with the MTA's (you knew it was coming) Lost and Found office in Penn Station. I have a 50/50 record with them myself.
Finally, Chris Christie missed the cut of one Republican debate but made a comeback by bashing Hillary Clinton and President Obama as much as he could, to elevate his poll numbers.
It's all the news that's fit to flush!

Mixed martial arts is legal in pretty much every state except New York.

It's a huge revenue suck from the state, and comes down to a legalization argument.
On one side are enough legislators to pass the bill.
On the other side is the Culinary Union, which is trying (and failing) in its efforts to hobble the Fertitta Brothers, who run the UFC and also own some union-free casinos.
Isn't it time for New York State to jump on the bandwagon, especially since the union can't win this battle?

New York State Assemblyman Sheldon Silver was convicted on seven counts of corruption this week.

Senator Dean Skelos is on trial and things don't look good for him (or his son, Adam Skelos).
An aggressive U.S. Attorney, Preet Bharara, is determined to change the culture of politics in Albany. His record so far is pretty impressive. We'll see where he goes from here.

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