MrJeff2000 Explains It All It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

Well it looks like the LIRR unions will go on strike for the first time in 20 years.

Last time, it was only for a day. This time around, who knows?
Do I side with the MTA? Do I side with the unions? Or is there a third position to stake out?

Update - no strike!!

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This week, I address a few news stories. First of all, the potential LIRR strike and how it would affect ME!

Next, the Brooklyn DA has announced he will not prosecute people for small amounts of marijuana possession. This would have changed my life 30+ years ago in college.
Finally, Opie and Anthony fans were shocked at the firing of Opie. Or was it Anthony? Need I add that I'm not exactly a fan.
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We recently finished out first family vacation in four years.

Three days in Philadelphia and a fourth in Langhorne, Pennsylvania - home of Sesame Place.
All the gory details herein.
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The bar mitzvah is in the rear view mirror. And what a view I have, or had.

Some memories about the entire process as well as the event itself.
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A vacation week, a look back at Howard Stern:

I don't know exactly when I became a Howard Stern "super fan," but more than a dozen appearances on the "Super Fan Roundtable" on SiriusXM Radio may have clinched it.

Yet, I feel frustrated by Stern's own involvement with his radio show. Outside interests have a lawsuit with SiriusXM have dampened his enthusiasm and clearly he is looking at the EXIT sign. Then what?

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Everybody loves superheroes.

Some thoughts about the original SUPERMAN, the bad 60s BATMAN series, and why every current series seems to be filled with heroes on downers, drinking tons of caffeine.
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Planning an event? You know that one of the first steps is setting up the guest list.

When planning our son's bar mitzvah, we had a myriad number of different "communities" we had to bring together in one room, for this occasion.
And not all of the pieces matched.
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Once again, even when I try to work WITH nature, nature works against me.

Lately I've been trying to grow a tree from any wind-blown sapling that I can find growing on our property.
Why? Because a tree of any moderate size costs $$$, but that's only part of the story.
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One of my brothers recently had a falling out with a longtime friend.

This may have caused an unpleasant incident (which I discuss on the podcast).
Or maybe not. In any event, it certainly spurred an internal discussion on my part.
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In my second podcast about selling stuff on ebay, I recall the time I was asked to help sell some collectible ROLLING STONE magazines circa 1969-1971.

And how doing somebody a favor can boomerang back on you, as if THEY are doing YOU the favor by letting YOU help THEM. Does that make sense?
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