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When I was younger, I worked at a newspaper chain in Queens but did not consider myself invested in the borough.

As I got older and moved into Queens, I became more invested in the area; its politics and issues; and where the borough stood in stature in the city's and the state's pecking order.
Now Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio are sniping one day, seeing themselves as national figures in the future. And the next day, they are finding common ground.
We watch politicians maneuver on pragmatic issues but also see how they must dance around hard statistics such as increases in homicides and shootings.
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A white woman was in the news this week (not shockingly) for posing as a black woman for years (shockingly).

A 65-year-old German woman was in the news for having quadruplets. 
A group of aging nuns are finding a home in a Jewish-run healthcare facility for the aged.
And in non-eldercare news, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has dropped in the polls. Not shockingly.
And the Belmont Stakes went off fairly well, as far as transportation went. Shockingly.
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I visited my first race track, Saratoga Springs, before I was a teenager. I also made my first bet (through my father) and scored my first win.

Decades later, a look back at track experiences as American Pharaoh completed the first Triple Crown since 1978.
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The Islanders are moving from Long Island to Brooklyn.

Sepp Blatter, the head of FIFA, resigned.
Two very big stories. A sports-oriented episode.
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There was a lot of MTA news in the papers this week... none of it good.

The President also started his own Twitter account.
Somehow, everything merges into one podcast.
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Oh that NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio continues to make headlines, mostly in the wrong way. But is it really his fault? Or just because New York City is just the hub of so many things?

Also in NY, the constriction of the media continues to be perturbing. And took an ironic spin in the past few weeks.
And the PATH train station opened under the World Trade Center, over budget and behind the tune of $3.9 billion (that's with a B).
No wonder I can take the time to just stay local.
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David Letterman, NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio, and the MTA have all been in the news recently.

For very different reasons, of course.
I'll tell you why.
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Lots of stories in the news during the past month.

I take the time to comb through a bunch of them and bring them back from memory.
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I'm catching up on my cache of news stories this week.

We talk about a cop caught lecturing an Uber driver, how the NYPD wants to add more police for the first time in a decade, and how the city is trying to save mom and pop businesses.
All this and the advent of the 2015 New York Mets!
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I've been a lot of places, but not in the last year or so.

Travel has become such a hassle I'm not really looking forward to the possibility of more trips. But when you have kids, you have an obligation to show them the world. Or at least a reasonable facsimile. 
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