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Professional wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was in the news last month after his indictment for a murder 30-plus years ago.

As a big pro wrestling fan, this was one of the most impactful stories on the medium in several years. 
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STAR WARS and Daraprim were in the media this week.

Both stories had to do with corporate greed, unearned.
But Twentieth Century Fox has some legitimate backstory on ITS greed.
Daraprim? Not so much. With a sidenote about Monopoly, while I'm at it.
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A rather innocent encounter with a coworker this week reminded me of some past behavior – of myself and others – that would be looked at in a harsher light in these not-so-politically correct times.

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Urban renewal and affordable housing are two key catch phrases in any large city environment. Add to that mix a local sports franchise seeking to improve its surrounding location, and you've created a powerful powder keg of controversy.

Recently, New York City opted out of litigation involving redevelopment near CitiField in Queens, where the NY Mets play baseball. This means the developers (including Sterling Equities, which holds majority interest in the Mets) will have to come up with concessions to their project, involving "affordable housing" and less "mall/business structure."
There are literally billions of dollars at stake. And the future legacy of the current Mayor, as a side note.
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I received a backhanded compliment the other day and it brought me back to another one I got in high school.


That mentally took me back to college, where I remembered two people who did me wrong.


Two people who decades later "reached out" through Facebook.


Two people who I immediately "ignored."


The only two people I ever instantly dismissed when I saw their names on Facebook.


When is the right time to let go of anger? Twenty years? Thirty? Some thoughts on the matter.


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This year K-cups have surpassed traditional coffee makers, as people strive to spend less and pour a lesser amount of the beverage down the drain.

As a former coffee drinker, this is not surprising. But it does remind me about how wacky coffee can make some people act.
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Donald Trump first associated himself with World Wrestling Entertainment (then WWF) in 1988 when Trump Plaza hosted Wrestlemania IV and returned in 1989 for WM V.

In 2007, Trump was paid to do a "Battle of the Billionaires" hair vs hair surrogate's match at WrestleMania versus Vince McMahon.
The thin line between unreality and "worked reality" of professional wrestling took a strange turn. Things got even stranger in 2009, when Trump "purchased" the WWE from McMahon...and the stock market, which wasn't in on the joke, punished stockholders. And the storyline had to be truncated.
As always, Trump came out on top. At least in his perception of reality.
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There have been a number of bad people in the news recently, which is good if you work in the news business. But terrible if you despise bad people.

In specific, some news about Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle (Subway pitchman), and three nameless postal workers who defrauded the Operation: Santa program.
Can good triumph evil? 
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Our younger son is sick this week.

I remember being sick at a slightly older age; one of my earliest memories.
His illness unsheathed a whole parcel of sickly stories from my past and the pasts of our family.
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Developer Bruce Ratner successfully hoodwinked the borough of Brooklyn and City of New York to create the Barclays Center, which was supposed to be the center of a massive revival of that area's cultural and civic activities, including 22,000 low-to-middle class housing units.

Now he is back in action, less than three years later (!) trying to hoodwink the county of Nassau (and the State of New York) with a similar project involving the retrofitting of the Nassau Coliseum.
Also, a quick election note about our friend, the Donald Trump.
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