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Sheltering and the City

I haven't talked about it previously, but for the past month or so, I've been doing errands that have taken me into Manhattan several times each week. That's more city driving than I've done in decades, and it's ongoing for the foreseeable future.

Elegy For Martin

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My friend Martin passed away in April, although I only found out about it this week.

I dug through some memories and came up with a comedy bit from 1982, where he was in the cast. 

Sheltering and Slurpies

As sheltering becomes more routine, I'm looking to build outside activities, even if it's something as simple as mailing packages and rewarding the kids with Slurpies on the walk home.

Spec-Magical Day, Part X

This episode covers segments pre- and post-COVID, including a three-part tour of Mr. Pickle's factory, Terry sending Chet the Intern to DisneyWorld to spy on Disney+'s alleged new ripoff of his show, and Terry begins doing Zoom episodes.

Sheltering At Home, Week 4

30 minutes of pure Trump-bashing about coronavirus.

Sheltering At Home, Week 3

More about our quarantine experience.

Spec-Magical Day, Part IX

It's time for Spec-Magical Day part 9!

In these episodes, Terry Oscar (and Chet the Intern) help kids become a weather girl, deal with bad grades, assist the homeless, overcome plain food, and meet other children with the same name.

Quarantine Life Part the Second

Life in quarantine continues, work and homeschooling, etc.

First Week in Quarantine

Some thoughts on our first week in quarantine.

Spec-Magical Day, Part VIII

We return for more Spec-Magical adventures, and don't we all need one right now.

Barry the Butcher sings opera, a girl gets to be a comedian, Chet's popularity threatens Terry, Chet gets an intern, a boy learns to golf, and we end with a crazy Spec-Magical flashback.

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