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New York City recently celebrated the planting of the one millionth tree as part of an initiative to complete that task in a decade. And it was accomplished – believe it or not, in eight years.

We had a city tree that went kaput and it's never been replaced. So that's been a dropped ball. Or acorn. Or whatever you call it.
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The term "stray cat" has given way to the more politicallly correct "feral cat."

However, could that tabby in the back yard be a house cat without a collar?
A kitty behind our house last weekend made me recall some interesting times we had three years ago.
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A transit advocacy group recently asked New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority why certain rail entrances have been closed for decades. An official could not provide comprehensive information, saying for some of the entrances, "That's just the way it's always been." As in, if something was broken when I got here, it's not my responsibility to fix it.

The MTA is an easy target because it's an inefficient bureaucracy. But that's also why it needs to be constantly criticized – it services such a large number of people and so few people speak out and draw attention to its shortcomings.
I've culled a number of recent stories to pull together this particular episode.
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A recent AARP survey showed that 66 percent of New York City residents aged 35 and up plan on moving out of Manhattan once they reach retirement age.

This is not a new thing; people have always sought cleaner, greener, less expensive premises once they no longer needed their present environment. Whether for family reasons, urgent health requirements, or simply for a change of pace, the city can be a grind.
So what's the real story here?
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Joe Biden was in the news this week for NOT running for President. I discuss this in conjunction with an article about speculation over whether he WOULD run.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation calling for all children to have their full vaccination schedule completed before they enter school. This was a controversial measure and I have a compromised view of the situation.
Finally, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia entered rehab for alcohol abuse just prior to the Major League playoffs. Courageous or outrageous? My thoughts side with the man.
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Ah, where would I be without the MTA? For one thing, I would not be living where I do, since I would need a new way to transport myself to work.

There have been a number of MTA-related stories that I meant to get to over the past month, so here they are all. For instance, the first new subway station in NYC in 25 years opened in September...and an elevator broke down the first day, followed by an escalator the second day.
This was followed by the Straphangers Campaign releasing its annual ranking of the best and worst subway service lines in the city.
And rider have taken to social media sites, such as Yelp! to convey their outrage (and occasional appreciation) for their commute.
In an effort to drive down the rodent population and force riders to clean up after themselves, the MTA is eliminating trash containers at selected stations. Let's not mention that it also helps them save on costs for union labor, who have to make fewer sweeps of those stations.
Finally, the MTA and NYPD are asking riders to send them photos and videos of things that annoy, outrage, or amuse them. As well as potentially dangerous and illegal behavior. This could go tremendously wrong. But that's all part of the thrill that is the NYC MTA system.
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I confess, I ate at a Chick-Fil-A. I was also 15 and it was in New Jersey decades ago.

So to here the commotion about the controversial chain coming to New York City, mere blocks from where I work, sparked mixed emotions.
Comedian Steve Rannazzisi is in the news and not for the new season of THE LEAGUE. He told a tall tale about 9/11 and he's paying the consequences.
Another person who made his career off 9/11 is former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He and former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have been sniping at current NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio about the homeless and his relationship with the NYPD.
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Professional wrestler Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was in the news last month after his indictment for a murder 30-plus years ago.

As a big pro wrestling fan, this was one of the most impactful stories on the medium in several years. 
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STAR WARS and Daraprim were in the media this week.

Both stories had to do with corporate greed, unearned.
But Twentieth Century Fox has some legitimate backstory on ITS greed.
Daraprim? Not so much. With a sidenote about Monopoly, while I'm at it.
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A rather innocent encounter with a coworker this week reminded me of some past behavior – of myself and others – that would be looked at in a harsher light in these not-so-politically correct times.

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