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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

Sheltering and Slurpies

As sheltering becomes more routine, I'm looking to build outside activities, even if it's something as simple as mailing packages and rewarding the kids with Slurpies on the walk home.

Sheltering At Home, Week 4

30 minutes of pure Trump-bashing about coronavirus.

First Week in Quarantine

Some thoughts on our first week in quarantine.

A Chicken Pox on COVID

When I was in grade school (podcast mentions third grade but my mother thinks it was fourth), I contracted the chicken pox. This was in the days prior to a vaccine. What happened next was two weeks that have been wiped from my memory.

Looking at His Nails (Reprise)

In this episode from late 2017, we were looking at the spectre of impeachment hearings even back then.

But I was interested in a true crime case and an anecdote about determining guilt.

Happy Thanksgiving week!


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Amtrak is expected to turn its first profit since incorporating in 1971.

There's a lot of history behind the railway system.

I manage to bungle through some of it this time around.

Working the Polls - Special Election Edition

I worked the polls for the June 25 special election for Queens DA (and a few judgeships).

Three separate files woven together into a series of semi-coherent thoughts about our democratic process in action.