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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

Sheltering and Plumbing

Thoughts about homeschooling during a pandemic, finding the time to do everything that needs to get done, and finding time to relax.

A Chicken Pox on COVID

When I was in grade school (podcast mentions third grade but my mother thinks it was fourth), I contracted the chicken pox. This was in the days prior to a vaccine. What happened next was two weeks that have been wiped from my memory.

Five Phones, 20 Years

I bought my first cell phone from a cold-caller from AT&T. That was the era when scammers weren't calling five times a day. In the intervening 20 years, there have been several other phones, including my decision to go for the iPhone and stick with them.

The Big Book House Bonanza

I made a second charity pickup at a house with several thousand books.

Using all the skills I've acquired over the time I've been doing this for the book sale, I turned it into a tremendous victory for everyone, including the donor.

Florida Vacation, Part 5

The final entry in the Florida series: From MCO back to LGA!

Florida Vacation, Part 4

Back to my December Florida vacation. After a 100-mile trek and long day, it's time to spend time with family, fight messy weather, and now keep THREE kids active.

Florida Vacation, Part 3

It's the third part of my December Florida vacation - a day in Hollywood Studios (December 25) followed by a 100-mile drive down the coast and a frantic search for a place to eat dinner.

Florida Vacation, Part 2

Part 2 of the December break in Florida!

Breaking Down the Book Sale 2019

As 2019 winds to a close, it's time for podcast 400!

This week is a recap of the book sale from early December.

Next week: Spec-Magical 3 and then a few episodes breaking down my Florida vacation. I'm only on page 4 of my notes and day two.

Denver Thanksgiving Part 3

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The remaining two days of my Denver Thanksgiving trek with the kids.

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