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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

Sheltering and A Funeral

My father's wife passed away last week.

It was our first post-COVID funeral.

Sheltering and Camp

Summer camp in the world of coronavirus - what a time to be alive and have children.

Sheltering and Health

My family has been dealing with some elder health issues this year.

Some broad strokes to discuss dealing with hospitals during a pandemic.

Sheltering and Plumbing

Thoughts about homeschooling during a pandemic, finding the time to do everything that needs to get done, and finding time to relax.

Sheltering and Parking

New York City is reopening this week, which will complicate my commute - both for personal reasons and also if I decide to go back to my physical office.

In the meantime, I also share an offbeat encounter on the sidewalks of NYC.

Sheltering and Slurpies

As sheltering becomes more routine, I'm looking to build outside activities, even if it's something as simple as mailing packages and rewarding the kids with Slurpies on the walk home.

Spec-Magical Day, Part X

This episode covers segments pre- and post-COVID, including a three-part tour of Mr. Pickle's factory, Terry sending Chet the Intern to DisneyWorld to spy on Disney+'s alleged new ripoff of his show, and Terry begins doing Zoom episodes.

Sheltering At Home, Week 3

More about our quarantine experience.

Quarantine Life Part the Second

Life in quarantine continues, work and homeschooling, etc.

Spec-Magical Day, Part VIII

We return for more Spec-Magical adventures, and don't we all need one right now.

Barry the Butcher sings opera, a girl gets to be a comedian, Chet's popularity threatens Terry, Chet gets an intern, a boy learns to golf, and we end with a crazy Spec-Magical flashback.

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