MrJeff2000 Explains It All It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

The GOP convention was two weeks ago.

The Democratic convention was this past week.
How anyone can back one of the two candidates is insane to me.

On a few separate occasions, I have gotten my name in the newspaper.

Early in my life, it was a few fluke things – a turtle crossing the road, an appearance on a New York kids show, and for doing an art project for pediatric hospital patients.

It all came from thinking after seeing a story about a circus ringmaster...

In this installment of an ongoing series, I talk about how I became somewhat obsessed with the My Coke Rewards loyalty program.


There was a lot of election stuff that caught my eye this week.

In a stunning one-two punch that slapped down the GOP, Hillary Clinton was cleared of illegal wrongdoing in using a personal email server. Concurrently, the Benghazi commission (the fourth) not bringing a smoking gun has driven Republicans crazy.

These "victories" caused a convulsive revulsion against Donald Trump to suddenly be thrust aside. Trump's campaign declared that tens of millions of dollars were coming in from anti-Clinton donors. Not Trump supporters – people who are against Clinton.

We now live in an era where there is this false equivalency – your candidate's flaws and faults are just as bad as yours. It's a fallacy. And it's dangerous. And it's easy to argue with one quick search on Google.

For people who hate New York, 2016 will be a tough nut to swallow in terms of the presidential election. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Yikes.

There are pundits saying it will be a tight race and there are predicators saying that Clinton already has the election won, 131 days to go.

Who can tell?