MrJeff2000 Explains It All It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, um what was I talking about again?

This week I start a series of podcasts about things I've been obsessed with in my lifetime.

First off, Pop Rocks and Wacky Packages!

Due to a personal matter, this week's episode is a reprise.

Several news stories this past week had a common theme. They were trying to sell some sort of fear to the public. This is not new, nor is it really news. But it is the prevailing theory on how to do business in the age of instant gratification, social media, and immediacy over accuracy and privacy.

Bullet-resistant police cars!

Declining crime rates!

"Don't snitch" culture!

More grief from the MTA!

It's all about living in NYC and its five boroughs.

Cruz is out.

Kasich is out.
Trump has the nomination locked up.
A bunch of thoughts, and some information about his attempt to purchase the Empire State Building.